Hello, my name is Meli Levi. I have over 8 years experience as an energetic health practitioner, over 7 years as an emotional healing practitioner (IST), 5 years as an herbalist, 8 years as a personal trainer/wellness coach, and 4 years as an entity clearer.

I spent 5 years at my meditation school in Northern California studying meditation-based energetic techniques. As part of this training, I participated in a rigorous 4 year full-time energetic healing training alongside a handful of other students.

Samuel Sagan, MD led the healing training for 2 years before his passing in 2016. He was the founder of Inner Space Techniques, the Clairvision School of Meditation and author of over 15 books including Awakening the Third Eye, among many other accomplishments.

 “If you’re looking for the most advanced school of meditation in the western world today, you just found it. I rate Samuel Sagan’s work more highly than that of any other teacher I have ever met.”      

            – Karen Kingston, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui

(Please see the “Advanced Energetic Training” section below for more information.)

Complementary to my energetic studies I studied anatomy, physiology, nutrition, psychology and kinesiology at the National Personal Training Institute of Seattle, graduating with a 3.8GPA in 2011.

I am also an active member of the American Herbalists Guild.

“All problems of existence are essentially problems of Harmony.”

~ Sri Aurobindo

Energetic Healing

My approach is results oriented, empowering and caring. I help to bring powerful healing forces so that my clients experience lasting changes on a deep level.  While the will that I engage for each of my clients is powerful and direct, I am also quite sensitive to the need to create a safe space for my clients during sessions.

I am interested in the entire person; from their wants/desires to their astrological chart and specific planetary makeup, from their dietary habits to any possible emotionally/physically traumatic childhood events. I include all of these different factors of a client in order to hone in on the energetic source of the clients issues.

Disclaimer: As an energetic healer, I work in the energetic world. I am not a doctor or medical professional.

IST – Inner Space Techniques

I have over 6 years experience working with clients as an IST (Inner Space Techniques) Practitioner. I help my clients free themselves from negative patterns and get rid of their negative emotional imprints and conditioning…for good!

The IST technique utilizes the inner space (of consciousness) of the third eye to help locate the sources of present emotional blockages and conditioned behavior. It is a technique based solely on the clients experience. Past life regressions can often be a part of the clients experience (however, unlike other past life regression techniques there are no visualizations or suggestions, no hypnosis or imagining). There is no requirement for the client to hold any specific beliefs in order for these techniques to work.

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist.

Entity Clearer

Entity Clearing

I am qualified and able to clear energetic entities from clients subtle bodies once they have fully mapped the energetic entity through the process of IST.

More info on energetic entities here.

Energetic Healing with Animals

As an animal healer, my mission is to help animals to live the most fulfilling and healthy lives possible. I hold my animal clients with the same love and respect as I do my human clients. I recognize and see the life force and Divine essence in all creatures, great and small!

I offer safe, non invasive treatments for the energetic issues behind physical symptoms such as skin conditions, digestive issues, seizures, cysts, joint pain and more. I also use my vision and knowledge of inner worlds to uncover the underlying energetic issues of withdrawal, aggression, over-excitement, shyness and other such emotional and mental behaviors.

Disclaimer: As an animal healer, I work in the energetic world. I am not a vet.

My Résumé

Training and Education

Emotional Healing Practitioner – IST

I have over 7 years of experience as both an IST (Inner Space Techniques) client and a practitioner. I have instructed multiple IST courses and I also spent 9 months in 2018 studying IST at the Clairvision Meditation School in Northern California.

Energetic Healing Practitioner

I studied Energetic Healing under teacher Samuel Sagan, MD from 2014 until he passed in 2016

Continued full time studies with my healing team 2016-2018

Studies Included:
Learning to use energetic vision to work with the physical, life force, emotional/mental and spiritual interfaces, subtle body anatomy, energetic techniques, herbs, homeopathic remedies, stones/gems, yoga postures, astrological energetic factors and influences,  anatomy, pathology, physiology,  pathophysiology + more

Advanced Energetic Training:

This advanced energetic training was an extremely rigorous training, it included detailed mapping (through the cultivation of vision and clarity in meditation practices) and analysis of energetic structures and levels of the subtle bodies and the relationships between them.

The training included training in various energetic techniques and procedures, studies in herbs, remedies, astrology and more. It also included complimentary studies in physical anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Through these intense studies I had the opportunity to learn to actually “see” what I am doing energetically and know how I am doing it. Many energy workers may be able to work with energy but they are not aware of how they are doing it or what they are doing! This puts the client at risk as the worker may actually be causing more harm than good but not be aware of it.

Taking energetic work out of obscurity and bringing more energetic precision allows for more consistent and positive results on the body of energy. 

Herbology Studies


East West School of Planetary Herbology – Clinical Herbalist Program

Founded by Michael Tierra in 1989

Studies Include:
History of herbology, plant energetics, TCM herbology, Ayurveda herbology, diet and nutrition, systems, Western herbs and system, energy patterns, herbal formulas, growing herbs, wild harvesting herbs and preparing herbs, herbal remedies, how to differentiate and treat the source of disease patterns, energetic diagnostic techniques, etc.

Program Includes:

American Herbalist Guild – Member


National Personal Training Institute

Over 7 Years Experience as a Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach and Nutritional Consultant.

National Personal Training Institute studies included:
Skeletal and Muscular Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Bio-mechanics, Kinesiology, Postural Movement Patterns and Nutrition and more.

What I can do for you

  • Address Energetic Shock and Trauma

    Current or Past/Past Life

    – Trauma or shock resulting from:

    Childhood events, deaths of loved ones, intense life situations or events

  • Increase Energetic Vitality

    Low vitality/energy issues

    Sexual energy blockages

    Energetic fatigue

  • Bring harmonization to the etheric/life force

    Harmonize the many levels of the energetic body to help increase energetic wellness.

  • Help uplift mood

  • Remove Perverse Energies

    Moving out general perverse energies from etheric or life force body to help eliminate energetic blockages and stagnations.

  • Help address energetic causes underlying chronic issues

    Addressing the energetic source that may contribute to many different chronic issues.

  • Balance Energies

    Correcting imbalances in the elements, levels and channels of life force energy.