The first step is to schedule your complimentary 30 minute Gmail remote video consultation.

Energetic Sessions

The Initial Energetic Consult and Assessment

(Remote/Online Sessions only)

An initial healing intake and evaluation session is required for all new clients.

  • As a new client, your initial appointment is 90 minutes, and includes a thorough history intake and a thorough energetic evaluation. I provide a safe space for you to have someone listen to all of what’s involved in your story.
  • Through the initial consult and evaluation I look at what in your energy may be contributing to the external symptoms you are experiencing and what may need to be set in place for you before, during and after any energetic sessions.
  • My intent in all of this is to get to know your unique energetic story. Each client requires a personalized and holistic approach.

Energetic Session, Remote/Online Only

  • Once you have had the initial intake and evaluation session as a new client, your remote/online energetic session is 60 minutes.
  • In most cases, multiple sessions and/or intensives are required.

IST (Inner Space Techniques) Sessions

Remote/Online Sessions Only

Whats IST? 

  • As your facilitator I help guide you into the inner space of consciousness that will help you to get to the source of your emotional issues. I may point out qualities in the inner space or ask questions about your experience to help you let go and explore your inner world. There are no suggestions, imagining or hypnosis involved. “See for yourself, Know for yourself.”

More Info HERE

IST Initial Session for New Clients – 

Get to the source of your emotional issues. More Information here

  • Your initial session is 90 minutes and includes a tutorial and a brief meditation technique to help you get into the inner space required for the IST session.
  • Includes time on each side of the session for checking in and allowing room for sharing.

IST Session (After Initial Session) 

  • Each session is 90 minutes in length, with time on either side for checking in before and after the session. This time is for you to share where you are at, what has been coming up for you, what you have been seeing since our last session together, ask questions etc

IST Package Discounts (Doesn’t include first session cost)

Ask me about discounts for packages. I am aware there are people who need the services I offer but have limited income/money.

Scheduling and Cancellation policy 


Cancellation Policy Between Client and Practitioner

Please read the following policy carefully. By agreeing to or continuing with sessions/appointments you accept and agree to adhere to this policy.

Please note that I have taken the time to lay out this information in the interests of clarity and enabling informed consent.

I have completed 4 years of full-time energetic healing/IST training, 2 years of herbalist studies, 10 years experience as a certified health coach, nutritional consultant and fitness specialist, 6 years experience as an IST practitioner and 5 years of energetic healing case studies and peer collaboration. I also have many hours of my own independent research and studies over the years. In my area of work, some employment certainty is necessary because of what is required to continue providing a high level of healing/IST service.

For every session and client, I have substantial work before and afterwards to complete unpaid. I also have limited time slots because I am only one person, therefore I simply cannot afford to leave slots unfilled. This type of policy is standard in many other similar health related fields. In fact, it was actually a client of mine that is in a similar field that pointed this out to me and prompted the revision of my policy.

Most importantly, sporadic attendance is not appropriate and neither provides security for the me as practitioner, nor likelihood of positive progress for the client. I have tried to make this policy with a good balance of boundaries and compassion. My policy ensures that I can maintain my fees at existing levels for the benefit of all of my clients.

I am understanding of emergency situations. Emergency cancellation is an exception e.g. weather warnings, serious hospital admission and illnesses, notifiable disease, etc. If an emergency prevents you from attending your scheduled session, please inform me through email ASAP and then send proof of the emergency as soon as you are able.

• I work in packages of 5 sessions because I’ve found that minimum of 5 sessions are needed in order to even begin to get in deeper than surface level. This also means that every 5 sessions you have the opportunity to decide if you want to keep working together. When you buy a package you commit tothose sessions and session times.

• Clients will be required to pay the fee for the initial assessment session and each subsequent package in advance via Zelle or Wise (international clients), and the fee will then be subject to this policy.

• You are able to exit this work with me at any time, however, there will be no refunds for packages/sessions.

• Once you enter into working with me, you agree to a regular weekly session slot. In offering it to you, I am blocking that time from being offered to other clients. You are therefore agreeing to be responsible for that regular slot and to retain that slot booking through the duration of our work together. This is because without regular attendance it is both out of integrity and inappropriate for me to offer my services, knowing that fragmented attendance will prevent effectiveness of the healing/IST process. If you don’t maintain regular attendance, I won’t be able to offer you my services. I do, however, maintain some limited “floating slots” for persons working shifts or working away (Oil rigs, Armed Forces etc).

With prior warning you are allowed ten minutes of lateness. If you let me know that you are running late by text, then I will accommodate a part- session wherever possible. Otherwise, after ten minutes your session is considered missed and is chargeable. Once these periods of time have passed, it is not possible for me to provide the proper session.

• I recognise that sometimes clients need to take time away during the holiday season, e.g. Xmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Winter Solstice period. During this time I offer 3 weeks of “free slots/sessions” cancelation. You must provide at least 7 days notice for these “free” session slots. Any other sessions you cancel or fail to attend must be paid for. (If you have already committed to more than 3 weeks away during the holiday season or any other time, then please just let me know at the initial assessment so that this can try to be accommodated)

You will receive a minimum of 7 days notice of any plans I have to take time away from client work. On most occasions I continue to make myself available to work with the clients that are in most need at the time for most or all of the time I am away.

If on your regular day you would like a later or earlier time, or perhaps it might suit me to have an earlier or later time, then this can be agreed on without issue if it suits both parties. If either party, client or practitioner is not willing to adjust the time, then the initially agreed upon time will be contractually binding.

If at any time I fail to be present due to illness etc, you will not be charged.

As a specialist in my field, I am required to complete a high number of continuous professional development hours of energetic training every year. I will be required to attend week long or longer courses where I am fully immersed and will have to cancel client sessions to attend these mandatory trainings. You as client are not charged for any of these missed sessions.

• You are coming to me with certain physical/mental/emotional issues, and therefore those same issues would not be a reason for not abiding by the policy. It is in your interest to attend during these times. If you are at the point that you really cannot attend because of issues this avenue of service may not be appropriate for you.

I will provide you with the all information needed for beginning sessions. After that, it is your responsibility to ensure you understand what is needed to attend the scheduled session appointment at least 3 days before your session. Please contact me with any questions at least 3 days before your session, giving me time to respond and clarify. Keep in mind that it may not be possible to contact me on the same day as the session due to attending other sessions or commitments and it is the responsibility of the client to know in advance. Please ensure that the reminders of appointments are set up in your calendar.

Cancellations should be by made by email (not phone call, text, or voice message): [email protected]

If you are running late you are welcome to text.

*I strive to balance compassion and empathy with boundaries of responsibility and therefore I will absolutely consider cases based on merit and circumstances.*


Q&A For YWN Scheduling and Cancellation Policy

Q What if I come down with flu?
A) You will be charged for the session. The only exception is if you are admitted to a hospital and are therefore seriously ill. You will need to show proof of the admission at a later time when you are not ill. If you are a healing client who is feeling unwell and not admitted to hospital, there is the option to have the session to see what might shift energetically.

Q What if I am taken into hospital or have a serious illness?
A) You will not be charged. You will need to show proof of the event at a later time when you have recovered.

Q What if a loved one such as a family member or partner is rushed into hospital the night before or the same day as the session?
A) Under such extreme conditions I, of course, will waive the fee, but only for that
session. You will need to show proof of the event at a later time.

Q What if I come down with a disease (e.g. swine flu) where I am quarantined?
A) If your session is in person: If there this is a “risk to life” situation where you are seriously ill/admitted to hospital, you will not be charged. You will need to show proof of the event at a later time when you are not ill. Where you are simply quarantined as a precaution and are not ill / seriously ill, then you will be offered a virtual session instead of physical attendance (if you decline this then you will be charged). If you are a healing client, I may prefer to be able to go ahead with a healing session in some cases if appropriate.

Q I am feeling too anxious to attend my session?
A) Your attendance is to help with these types of issues so that is exactly the time when you want to make your appointment. If you really are too anxious to attend sessions, you may possibly need another form of service.

Q What if my child care lets me down at the last minute?
A) You will be charged for the session.

Q What if I work shifts, work away or travel on business?
A) This needs to be discussed at the initial assessment and a possible plan developed to enable a “work around”. You must, however, declare this at the initial assessment, or as soon as it becomes an issue (e.g. change of jobs).

Q What if I am called into work unexpectedly?
A) You will be charged for the session.

Q What if I really want a holiday away?
A) Holidays are necessary and all I ask is that you give the required warning period. You get 3 “free” slots during the holiday season (see above) without charge, as long as they are booked in advance. Less than the required warning means you will be charged. Any further missed sessions will be charged for. [If you have already committed to more than 3 weeks away, then let me know at the initial assessment so that this can try to be accommodated]

Q What if I want to attend something else?
A) This is for you to decide in terms of priorities. The stipulations above will apply.

Q What if I get stranded somewhere away from home, run out of gas etc and cannot attend in time?
A) You will be charged for the session.

Q What if I become aware of a situation where I might not be able to attend, such as an surgery at short notice, or some other vital situation looming in the near future?
A) If you make me aware of such a circumstance and are able to provide proof of the event at a later time, then this can be negotiated so that you are not charged. This is by verbal agreement with me on a case by case basis. If it is a surgery, please let me know as there may be an energetic healing technique that may be helpful during the surgery..

Q What if a cared for person in my care becomes ill with less than the required warning period?
A) You will be charged for the session.

Melissa Levi
Advanced Energetic Health Practitioner Inner Space Techniques Practitioner American Herbalist Guild Member Entity Clearer