“My left hip had become increasingly stiff over several years.  One session with Meli started to turn this trend around.”

Linda F., California

“Meli has a rare blend of huge knowledge and deep intuition. I feel we’ve been working with roots not just symptoms. It’s been nurturing and empowering.”

Melanie C., United Kingdom

“I had worsening back and shoulder pain following a series of car accidents. After mixed success with the standard therapies (physio, massage..etc), I decided to try energetic healing and was surprised by the precision and depth of the treatments. 

“Meli was very easy to work with. She understood exactly what my problems were and addressed the underlying issues others had missed. I always felt like I was being worked with instead of worked on.”

“Meli also worked with my cat for her digestive issues. My cat doesn’t like many people but warmed up to Meli right away. The treatment healed a swollen belly my cat had for years, for which the vets didn’t have an answer.”

“I would recommend her to anybody who’s willing to take a step towards improving their health.”

ZH, Vancouver, BC, Canada

“Meli took me deeper into the healing process than the physical therapists and massage therapists I’d seen in the past. She saw a whole network of causes and dynamics; her approach is multidimensional…”

“(Meli brings) a multifaceted approach that takes into account physical, energetic, and emotional dynamics with skill and technical precision. Put simply, Melissa brings healing with depth.”

Brian D., California 

“Meli has consistently and patiently helped me to begin the process of freeing myself from a lifetime of constraints and self-sabotaging beliefs. She has a firmness of purpose that is beautiful and inspiring to experience.”
David S., Ontario, Canada

“Meli’s vision and healing powers are extraordinary! I decided that I had to work with Meli (when) without any prompting from me, she spontaneously said “Your scar on the right side of your abdomen is screaming at me.” This scar related to a botched surgery done decades early. It caused constant pain. Despite treatments by chiropractors, physiotherapists and massage therapists, I always had this discomfort in the background of my awareness.

After these sessions, miraculously for me, the pain was gone! Meli’s care and commitment to her clients is outstanding… I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to improve their health…especially if they have serious, long-standing issues that have not responded to conventional means.”

Hannah S., Ontario Canada

“My back pain greatly improved! Unexpectedly, so did some shoulder, neck and wrist pain. Before the sessions, I had to be careful just bending over a sink, because any slightly wrong movement would start a wave of pain. After, I didn’t have to think about bending over…and could run and jump and finally start up a regular exercise practice again, which was my ultimate goal. The surprise was how quickly this was possible! I like Meli’s deep, compassionate attention and responsiveness.”

Christina C., California

“I would recommend Meli as a healer who is clear and focused. Trustworthy. Cuts to the chase. I am a person who feels easily invaded and often needs to resist….I didn’t feel that way with Meli. I quickly realized that she was able to assess me as an individual and was not overwhelmed. I like her focus. There was nothing “airy fairy” about the healing experience. I also trusted her right away which is not usual for me…I felt comforted.”

Kellie M., Washington

“Meli made a profound difference with chronic issues I had been having. There was a superior sense of peace that came during her sessions that left me in a sense of awe. I had gone to her to resolve some health issues but received so much more. My health is improving and the experience of that peace has had a lasting effect on me.”

Tori B., California

“Innovative.  Targeted.  Powerful.  Direct.  Effective. What stood out for me was the way that (Meli) zeroed in on a course of treatment even if it was not conventional.  I could tell Meli was seeing something at the root of the illness in my energy.”

E.M., California

“Meli has a very sweet and solid way of working with your deeper energetic levels. So, if you want to get results in your health I totally recommend committing yourself to doing a series of sessions.”

Jeanette J., Sweden

“Meli delivered her services in a professional, caring manner. She is good at what she does. I highly recommend her as a healer.”

Amelia P. , Washington