You Well Now – F.A.Q

What is Energetic Work?

Life force is a concept found in many systems of healing, both ancient and modern, east and west:

– TCM and acupuncture refer to it as Qi.
– Western Anthroposophical medicine calls it the etheric.
– Ayurveda and the Vedas of the Indian tradition, use the term prana, with prana-maya-kosha meaning the layer made of life force.

Through energetic work, I am able to work on the etheric body, or layer of life force, in my clients. Examples of this work include releasing energetic blockages and stagnancies, moving out negative or toxic energies out of the clients system and bringing balance to the forces that interact with and make up the etheric.

This approach addresses problems which have their source in the layer of life force.

In assessing each client my aim is to find the energetic component alongside any physical symptoms in order to help the client on an energetic/spiritual level.

What does a session look like?

Every new client begins with a 2 hour session that includes an intake session and an energetic scan and assessment.

During the intake the client is asked to provide basic information regarding their themselves and what brought them to see me and to share information such as medical history, traumas, childhood environment, accidents, diet and physical activity level, etc. Whatever information you provide is confidential and only shared with your consent.

Sessions themselves range in duration from 1 to 2 hours (max). Some sessions can be much shorter or much longer depending on the client.

Each session includes a short discussion phase at both the beginning and the end.

Additional pre and post session care suggestions may be given to a client such as breathing and meditation techniques.

Check out the Pre-Session Informational Handout for more information.

What kind of techniques are used?

Many different techniques can be utilized. Most of them require the client to lie down, either face up or face down.

The techniques and procedures used will be determined by each unique case.

What does the client do during the session?

The clients main responsibility during the sessions…is to just let go. The client is not required or expected to participate in the sessions.

There is usually minimal dialogue during sessions. In fact, it is often ideal for a client to fall asleep. When you fall asleep your astral (or mental) body lifts away from the etheric body, which makes it easier to go deeper during a session.

If at any moment in the session you feel you want to stop, you simply say “Stop” and at that time I will check in with you to see where you are at and make sure this is what you want/need. If you say yes, then we stop the session. No questions asked. If not, we will need to open a space for you to share emotions that are arising out of the session before making a decision together to continue or not.

Check out the Pre-Session Informational Handout for more information.

How many sessions will I need?

Each client will have a unique set of subtle bodies, a unique energetic makeup and therefore a unique approach will be required for each client. Some clients may need only one or two sessions. Others may need a number of sessions spread out over a length of time. Still others may need an intensive approach, doing a number of sessions in a row over the span of one, two or threes days.

I may see a need for multiple sessions to occur in order to address the clients health issue/s. I offer session packages at a discount in these cases.

Check out the Pre-Session Informational Handout for more information.


Inner Space Interactive Sourcing – the IST Technique

IST, or Inner Space Techniques, stands for a set of unique therapeutic techniques developed for over 25 years by a group of doctors, nurses, homeopaths and naturopaths. IST are based on the inner space of meditation. The approach is practical and profound.

Through emotional release and metaphysical opening IST delivers lasting change and resolution of mental, emotional and energetic issues.

Emotional patterns drop, mental conditioning is dismantled, you come alive!

How? IST is about finding the Source of your Issues

At deep layers, beyond the level of the ordinary mind, life forces that shape personality, cause neurosis and more.

In life we think about our issues, we talk about our problems, we fix our symptoms, but often the root causes lie beyond the level of the ordinary mind remaining unknown and unresolved.

Sourcing is about moving from the external layers of thoughts, emotions and patterns to their internal roots in the depths of the psyche. Profound realizations come from seeing for yourself what lies behind your habitual attitudes and emotional patterns.

In the Inner Space of IST you …

  • access deep levels where root causes reside.
  • address causes rather than symptoms.
  • experience the metaphysical aspects of your nature.
  • come in touch with bigger parts, parts beyond the ordinary mind, states of simply ‘being’.
  • experience the real you … a profound spiritual realization and … the part that can change.

Experiences of your essence bring the clarity and awakening that is at the heart of the IST process.

Without such metaphysical openings, many types of issues could go around in circles, escaping resolution.

The Process

No knowledge or training in meditation is required. The role of the IST practitioner is to facilitate and support your journey inside by holding the inner space for you and asking questions.